Frequently Asked Questions

All the bits you need to know

I want to book a viewing, how do I do this?

Get in touch with us! – You can call, text, whatsapp or email. 

How long are our contract lengths?

We currently have contract lengths available of 44/48/52 week contracts. All properties are advertised with 52 week contract prices so send us an enquiry to get the short length contract prices

How do I pay my rent?

Set up a standing order with your bank – it’s super easy to set up and you can even do it online. Our bank details, your rental amount and due dates are outlined in your contract. If your struggling to arrange payment or finance call us we’re always here to help.

Who do I contact in out of hours emergencies?

Call 999 or 112 for real life or death emergencies.

 If it is related to the house, please ring our emergency number. 

Can I get locks in the rooms?

All our Houses are provided with locks on the bedroom doors for your security.

I’m getting council tax bills. What do I do?

Read up on the council tax on the local website. – To summarise, you have to obtain a certificate from your university to prove you are a full time student and send it to the council.

How do I apply for a property?

All we need to send your contract is your name, email and telephone number. Everything is done online so no need to worry about it taking up lots of time when your busy just do it from your bedroom when you have 10 minutes free.

How much is the deposit?

We’re glad you asked! Nothing…. we don’t take deposits for our houses we just ask every tenant has a UK Based guarantor or uses one of our approved guarantor options.

What happens if I sign the contract and need to leave University or don’t return?

Once you have signed a legally binding tenancy agreement you will be expected to fulfill the contract. If you are unsure if you will return or may not pass your first year speak to your Student Advice Centre before signing any contracts. We can advertise to replace you on a contract but there are fee’s and the service is not guaranteed.

We’ve been burgled, help?

Contact the police – call them on 101 – Then let us know and we will be able to help secure your property – Get in touch with our insurance provider and sort your claim, all our insurance details are available to download from our website!

Something is broken/not working, who do we go to?

Pop onto our website to book any problems, make sure to include as much detail and photos as possible.

Contact Us

If you have further questions or would like to chat on the phone, just drop us a message on any of the contact details below.

07795 464159

97 St Marys Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DX, United Kingdom